How to Deposit / Withdraw


All trading accounts are currently funded in crypto currencies. We currently support payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, and Litecoin. The payments in cryptos are secure, reliable, low-cost and instant. With no middle man in between, the crypto payments offer substantially lower transaction fees, increase your financial privacy and provide you with a Swiss banking account in your pocket.

If you have never used crypto before, this is how the complete 4-step process looks like:

  • Open a crypto wallet
  • Buy crypto on an exchange
  • Transfer crypto to your own wallet
  • Transfer crypto to your trading account

On this page you can find all relevant information about the crypto payments - from how to open a wallet, how to buy/sell crypto currencies, how to deposit funds to your trading account, and how to withdraw.

Transaction Fees

Recommended Wallets

It’s always recommended to use hardware wallets that do not expose your private keys upon signing a transaction. The most widely known and trusted devices are Ledger and Trezor that start from $55. If you do not have a hardware wallet or not willing to obtain one - your mobile phone is the second most secure device that you can use and it’s considered more secure than any desktop wallets. Among the variety of wallets, we recommend BlueWallet due to a number of good reasons:

  • It’s open source, secure and widely used
  • Supports both Bitcoin and Lightning wallets
  • Allows to set own network fees

Recommended Exchanges

There are many exchanges offering you simple and quick access to buying crypto currencies. Most of them charge substantial fees and do not let you set own network fee on withdrawals.

Although we advise to do own research, there are a few exchanges we could recommend.

  • - allows to buy crypto directly to your own wallet.
  • - it is the largest crypro exchange.
  • - offers 10 free withdrawals per each month.

How to Deposit

Once you have created a trading account, you can nagivate to "Client Area" and click on "Deposit" to make a new deposit to your trading account.

How to Deposit

Follow the instruction below:

  1. Choose the trading account
  2. Select a predefined deposit amount
  3. Define a custom deposit amount
  4. Click to obtain an invoice

At the next step you can see the crypto invoice with an option to pay in different crypto currencies. You have 15 minutes to complete the transaction before the invoice expires.

Crypto Invoice

You can change several settings in the invoice:

  1. Choose the crypto currency
  2. Display QR code to pay with your mobile device
  3. Display the wallet address and copy the address
  4. Open the default crypto wallet on your device
Once you sign and send the transaction to the blockchain, you will see a confirmation on the screen that the invoice is paid. After 1 block confirmation your account will be credited. 1 block takes 10 minutes for Bitcoin and 2.5 minutes for Litecoin. The payments in Bitcoin Lightning are instant.

How to Withdraw

To make a withdrawal, please ensure that the withdrawal amount is less than the free margin on your trading account and that the withdrawal will not activate an immediate liquidation of open positions.

Please note that you receive the amount less blockchain transaction fees. As Bitcoin fees are high and can be up to 0.0005 BTC (~$30), we recommend withdrawals in LTC that will cost 0.001 LTC (~$0.50). In case the withdrawal currency is different from the account currency, conversion fee of 0.5% might be applied.

It might take up to 24H to verify and process your withdrawal request.

How to Withdraw

Follow the instruction below:

  1. Choose the trading account
  2. Type the withdrawal amount
  3. You can also request a full withdrawal
  4. Indicate the wallet type
  5. Indicate your wallet address
  6. Click "Continue" to proceed

Security Verification

At the next stage you are required to confirm the verification code sent to you by email:

  1. Type the code
  2. Click "Confirm" to submit the withdrawal request