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Forex Trading Accelerator

Starter course that gives you a solid understanding of the Forex market and improves your trading skills.

How to Invest during COVID-19 crisis

Why you should buy stocks when others are buying toilet paper. Learn why you should embrace crises and recessions.

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How to Invest during COVID-19 Crisis

(Or why you should buy stocks while others are buying toilet paper)

This course lays foundations for investing in a concise and easy way and teaches you how you can invest during COVID-19 crisis. 

No doubts we are heading into a Great Depression. There will be bankruptcies, high unemployment, exploding debt obligations, disrupted businesses, and broken consumer confidence. But here's why you should embrace the crisis. A crisis provides unique opportunities. A crisis makes strong companies stronger and lets you buy their stocks at cheap valuations. If you are well prepared, you can take advantage of the depression. Your investment decisions today will define returns for the next 5-10 years.

In this course, you can obtain knowledge and tools in order to successfully nagivate through this crisis.

Here are the main topics of the course:

  • Why we invest
  • Busting myths about investing
  • Risk & return trade-off
  • Investment asset classes
  • Embracing crises and recessions
  • Investing strategies
  • Action plan for market and stocks
  • Stay-home stocks
  • Constructing a portfolio
  • Choosing a brokerage account
Forex Trading Accelerator

If you are passionate and curious about the Forex trading, this is the right course for you! The course is created for traders who would like to deepen their knowledge about the Forex market and improve their trading results.

Here's why this course is different from any other course:

  • It gives you a solid foundation on the mechanics of the Forex market
  • Teaches you about trading costs such as spreads and swaps
  • Explains why you should use limit ordersand avoid market orders
  • Shows you how to build trend lines, channels and correctly identify support&resistance levels
  • Helps you to understand how to combine different technical indicators
  • Guides you through fundamental analysis and top 5 economic indicators
  • Gives you a simple fundamental analysis model to use in your trading
  • Reveals the role of trading psycology and biases
  • Defines a trading checklist for successful Forex trading
  • Explains how you can obtain a competitive edge for successful Forex trading